Selecting The Right Patio Furniture Cushions

The right patio furniture cushions can fill you with a sense of luxurious living. Whether you have a wrought iron, wicker, teak or plastic furniture set, having the right cushions can make your backyard. Having durable, appealing fabric on the outside should be matched with long-lasting cushions.

The key to long-lasting patio furniture cushions is not just the density or quality of the foam itself. But the drainable quality of it. Cushions that will inevitably sit in the rain from time to time should have an open cell structure. This guarantees that the water passes through the cushion and out through the fabric.

Another way to keep the moisture out is to have the right fabric on the outside. Except for wrapping your cushions in plain old garbage bags, which no one will, you might be able to get some other fabrics that will be equally successful in keeping the water out and the firmness in. Many of the fabrics used for patio furniture cushions are made to feel like plush cotton. Look for solution-dyed acrylic to get long-lasting cushions for your outdoor set.

Your cushions should also include some Dacron wrap. This adds extra fullness and shape to cushions which makes them look even more appealing. Rather than having a simple, square piece of foam inside your cushion, you have a piece that has been wrapped completely in the soft edges of Dacron. Some cushions will not say whether they include this extra layer, but you can often tell just by looking at the shape.

Knowing the inside and out of picking out patio furniture cushions can help you find the ones that will hopefully last for years. Picking out the patterns of your cushions will be the fun part. Stripes are always festive for the outdoors, with floral patterns taking a close lead. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going with solid colours. If you have an intricate wrought iron set, or many pieces, in a setting with tons of flowers and plants, then going for a simple cushion will let the eyes enjoy the scenery a little more. Look for quality polyfills, UV-resistant coatings and comfortable softness and you can have a complete sanctuary outside of your home.

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