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Product Name: Abundant Mind : Visualization Videos For The Law Of Attraction
Author: Ty Summers
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The product:

  • Visualization techniques by way of high definition themed video
  • 3D spatial soundtrack to induce relaxation and deeper mediation
  • Binaural beats mediation soundtrack brainwave entrainment
  • Subliminal audio that works directly on the subconscious level

The program is a training product designed to hep you master the Law of Attraction in the following areas:

  • Attracting money into your life
  • Increasing your happiness
  • Finding the perfect relationship
  • Open up limitless abundance
  • Having a healthy body and weight
  • Conditioning your mind for success
  • Attracting the life you’ve always wanted

The main success technique in the Law of Attraction is your ability to visualize effectively. This program is designed specifically for this purpose but uses an advanced video and audio technique to amplify your learning and results.

The visualization videos are designed to re-program your subconscious mind. The impact is to change negative thoughts, emotions and mindset to a consistent positive one conducive to manifesting . The videos act as a technologically advanced vision board.

Combining the use of videos, subliminals and and binaural beats works to fine tune your vibration to achieve your desires.

Unlike other manifesting videos that use still images and weird subliminal sounds, each Abundantmind attraction video was mastered to include the following 4 elements:

  1. Attraction themed full motion HD video with emotion triggers
  2. Meditative audio track to induce a relaxed open mind state
  3. Binaural beats to create the correct emotional frequency in your brain
  4. Subliminal commands in a hypnotic visual format for subconscious reprogramming

There are currently 45 different attraction videos you can access and Abundantmind is adding new ones on a continual basis. Each video ranges from 20 mins to 45 mins and is designed to target a specific area like conquering your fears, forgetting a painful past, finding love, financial success, etc.

The video series is streaming online so you can access them from any location with an internet connection. It is also recommended to use headphone for maximum benefit.

The program also includes 4 bonuses:

  1. 6 subliminal downloadable MP3’s you can take on the go
  2. Power of Mediation ebook on meditation and visualization
  3. Ways of Knowing ebook on thinking and behaviour
  4. Manifesting Mastermind ebook on accomplishing manifesting desires

The video program has a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

The videos are streaming online and can be accessed immediately from the members area.

Abundantmind also has 3 manifesting videos you can access for free. Click Here for free videos

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  • Wonderful video! This is just a fantastic summary of the best affirmations. comment
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  • I’m so grateful to you Ty!THANK YOU TY for all you did for each of us, and still do! Your work is amazing and very powerful! Thanks to your help, I started to change my mind, act and react whereas all the areas of my life were blocked and upside down! I felt depressed and you gave me strength to wake me up again! you are the most incredible person I “met” and there is no words which can describe how grateful I feel… Thanks, God bless you Ty!By: GinnyTruly Grateful

    I don’t have words to explain how watching the video The Universe Provides is making me feel right know!It was the most beautiful video I ever saw. Tears were rolling from my eyes..Such a really good and happy feeling it provides me! thank you so much for the chance to see and experience this! Feel so grateful and blessed! thank you once again ,this was what I needed. You’re real special .

    Bless you
    Xx Vanessa from Amsterdam ,the Netherlands

    Thank you

    Hi Ty,

    I wanted to thank you for all your work and the way that you generously share it with us.

    I watch your videos since 4months and it changed my life. A lot of good things happened to me and I feel better since I watch it. I keep going to train, I am on the right path to find a job and attract my soul mate Thank you testimonials suggestion manifesting abundance 2

    I almost have watched those videos : love/attract men/money/luck (this one really impressed me by the way it worked)/total healing/intelligence/confidence

    Globally they all work really good but maybe the spoken ones works better for me.

    A video to stop smoking would be nice, and one for a beautiful skin would be nice too (like for acne scar)

    You make a really good job and I hope I will soon subscribe the “evolution member”.

    God bless you, I send you all my love and my gratitude.

    Thank you testimonials suggestion manifesting abundance 2

    By: Beri

    New wonderful life

    I came upon your videos last year, and I started by listening to, and downloading “Going Deep” because of the abuse I suffered, along with your get higher self-esteem, Positive thinking, but that special someone was missing in my life, so I tried your Soul mate video, and I had this feeling if I wanted to find “The One” for me, my true love I had to go to another state, so being that I was being evicted from my apartment in MN I went to Chicago, Ill. and in a “homeless” shelter found the most loving, caring man I have ever meet, puts me 1st, loves me unconditionally, is EVERYTHING that matters to me, he is my EVERYTHING, and I’m his, we love each other so very much it has only been 5 months, but since day 1 we wanted to get married, and will be soon can’t wait to be his wife, everyday is so special with him. Thank you, Ty

    By: Kimberly Bomstad


    I intend to have a 100% improvement in my health ,my intention is to enhance my spiritual experiences on a much deeper magical level, I intend to master the law of attraction and manifestation , It’s my intention to make a more conscious effort to reconnect with the one’s I’ve lost touch within my family circle , I intend to apply that to my Friendships as well , .. It’s my intention to have financial security for myself and my family …. It’s my intention to be Healthy/wealthy and wise Enhancement testimonials manifesting health , I intend to be more focused and make 2014 the year I achieve all my desires including a loving spiritual partner with shared interests , I intend us to compliment each other on all levels .. Thank you Universe , Thank you God! and Thank you “Abundant Mind” for allowing me a platform for posting my Intentions and your wonderful subliminal videos that are accelerating my dreams, Much gratitude …

    By: Gina





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