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“Unleash the Infinite Power of Your Subconscious Mind”


Thursday, January 28 @ 7 pm

59 – 20071 24 Avenue, Langley


Discover how your thoughts create your reality… And how to create what you want, not what you don’t want.

In this exclusive workshop you will discover:

  • How the Law of Attraction really works
  • How to release and heal mental or physical pain
  • How to use your mind to harness unlimited conscious energy
  • How to manifest the life you desire… and deserve
  • How to eliminate roadblocks, fears and limitations holding you back
  • How to heal the Inner Child

This workshop will provide you with an unbelievable new look at the science of how perception creates your reality.

You will love to be part of this profound new wisdom. It will change your life to help you create what you want!

Seating is limited so please pre-register by phoning 604-802-6390 today!

Rocky Krogfoss –  Emotional Intelligence Educator, Distance Healing Therapist, Emotional Healing Therapist, Author of Conscious Energy, Healing and Miracles – The Nature Of Reality

The workshop is an unbelievable value at just $30

Phone: 604-802-6390 to secure your seat